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Wreck of the Managua
Latitude: 24.08377222 Longitude: -81.66646667
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Data Obtained from
The Office of Coast Survey's Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System (AWOIS)

The wreck of Managua Location map, nautical chart, aerial photos and nearby wrecks and obstructions.
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Wreck of the Managua
Latitude: 24.08377222 Longitude: -81.66646667
(24° 5' 1" N Longitude -81° 39' 59" W)

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*Latitude/ Longitude in North American Datum 1983

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Latitude: 24.08377222
Longitude: -81.66646667
Latitude 24° 5' 1" N
Longitude -81° 39' 59" W

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