Salt Spring, Marion County, FL 2004 Photo by Melissa Cox

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My name is Greg Johnson. I am a web programmer and frequent floater in Florida's springs.  This is my personal contribution to the efforts to understand, nurture, and explore Florida's most valuable possessions. The largest concentration of springs in the world are right here under our feet and many are not aware they even exist. I hope this site helps to facilitate the open discussion and dialog that is required to insure the proper stewardship of these national treasures.

I am also using this site to explore different open source programs and scripts but if this effort helps these places in any way then it will have served a much better purpose than just my programming playground. I use the pages here to try out different options for use on my clients' websites.  I can't think of a better subject to utilize for that otherwise mundane chore of honing my programming skills.  Its all about fun, and if you have ever plunged into a clear cold Florida spring on a hot Summer day, I don't need to explain it.

This is a large project and I have a lot of things to do before I feel it is anywhere near complete.  For a fresh start I have listed the entire inventory from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin No. 66, which totals 754 springs.  The raw data obtained from the tables in Bulletin 66 can be found by clicking here.  This is a comma delimited text file and can be imported easily into most programs. I have additional springs to add to this list as they are verified so keep checking back.  I am always seeking information on any spring in Florida in order to complete this massive undertaking.  I wouldn't be surprised if you find a mistake, I would be surprised if you let me know!  And also if you think of anything else that could go in here then speak up, I am really counting on some input to keep this thing going.  

A lot of what I have done here includes writing, installing, and modifying many different JavaScripts and PERL scripts. Some of these scripts are the result of much additional work by Open Source programmers from around the globe. If they ask for credit then it is displayed when their program runs here, beyond providing me (us) with the code for free, these sites are not involved here in any way, although some may display a link back to the authors website.

Enough of my bad grammar.  Please bear with me as this goes along and don't be shy. If something's wrong with the site or you need help, just drop me an email.

Greg Johnson

Salt Spring, Marion County, FL 2004 Photo by Melissa Cox

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