Florida Springs Database Legend & Glossary

A list of terms and definitions related to Florida springs

Term Definition *some data fields not published online
aka also known as
ASR aquifer storage and recharge
AWTP advanced wastewater treatment plant
basedelin (field name) basin defined
basinwrkgrp (field name) Spring Basin Work Group
BMP best management practice
C City or County Mgt.
cavemap (field name) known cave mapped and or recorded Y/N
CFS Cubic feet per second
CM County Mgt.
comments general comments
county (field name) Florida county name
DACS Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Florida)
DCA Department of Community Affairs (Florida)
DEP Department of Environmental Protection (Florida)
dischargecfs (field name) Cubic Feet per Second
DOH Department of Health (Florida)
DOT Department of Transportation (Florida)
DRI Development of Regional Impact
email (field name) email address of steward/charge
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (United States)
ERP Environmental Resource Permit
F Federal
FAC Florida Administrative Code
FGS Florida Geological Survey
fgs_usgs (field name) hyperlink to official technical information
FS Florida Statutes
G Spring Group
GIS Geographic Information System
GPM gallons per minute
hrmndg (field name) lat and lon in degrees (decimal)
IFAS Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (University of Florida)
index (field name) assigned
IPMP Integrated Pest Management Plan
lat (field name) latitude in hours minutes seconds
lon (field name) longitude in hours minutes seconds
MFL Minimum Flows and Levels
mg/l milligrams per liter
MGD million gallons per day
monitor (field name) spring recharge basin monitoring
nearby (field name) nearest mapped town or landmark
nitratesmgl (field name) Nitrates milligrams per liter
NWF Northwest Florida Water Management District
NWFWMD Northwest Florida Water Management District
OFW Outstanding Florida Water
OSTDS Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal System (septic tank system)
owner (field name) disposition of ownership
ownerlink (field name) hyperlink to spring site web site private or gov.
P Private
PM Private Mgt.
ppm Parts per Million
PU Private Uplands
R In the River
R/R River Rise
RIB Rapid Infiltration Basin
RPC Regional Planning Council
S State
sink sinkhole
size (field name) magnitude from chart
SJR St Johns River Water Management District
SJRWMD St. Johns River Water Management District
springname (field name) English place name
SPRTF Springs Protection and Restoration Trust Fund
SR Suwannee River Water Management District
SRPP Strategic Regional Policy Plans
SRWMD Suwannee River Water Management District
SS Single Spring
SWF Southwest Florida Water Management District
SWFWMD Southwest Florida Water Management District
type (field name) general location description
USGS United States Geological Survey
vis (field name) visibility rating
WMD (field name) Water Management District
wrkgrpaddr (field name) Spring Basin Work Group web address

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