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'No one has done the tides like this'
--Kenny Barrow, Next Door Neighbor

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The recent launch of this web site combined with the low budget requirements of this home grown effort offers an excellent pricing opportunity for advertising on this highly targeted web site and I will gladly work with you to fashion a results oriented program that will satisfy your budget. CPM Rates from $5 per 1000 impressions.  Contact me for details.


Over 750 pages devoted to the Florida Lifestyle.  Florida has always been the number one place for fun and relaxation.  Boating, fishing, and vacationers who enjoy the water bring more money to Florida every year than oranges and mice combined.  Boldly reinforce your presence in this dynamic market.  Visitors, residents, tourists, and the world visit every page of this web site and with this option, you too.  A highly desirable piece of real estate on any website, this option is located on the left margin, 250 pixels down from the top of page, this option easily allows you a high visibility presence.  Options are also available for ad placement in the page header which is a standard  468w x 60h banner.  Act Now for this option and bonus placement on over 750 shipwreck pages included free. This option is dedicated to a single advertiser and is available on a 6 month or annual basis.

Miles and Miles of Coastline. The Florida Coast offers variety beyond compare. From Amelia Island in the north, down the Atlantic Coast past capes, bays, lagoons, and the famous Florida Keys, and back up to historic Mobile Bay, the Florida Coast is an endless opportunity for exploration. Visitors to this website have multiple options for narrowing down their search for the perfect get-a-way spot, fishing hole, or beach vacation.  You can do the same with your marketing efforts.  Display your presence on pages that compliment your exposure in any one of 8 major markets.  This option offers you the ability to focus on 1 or more regions to leverage your efforts and target your market.   Located on the left margin, 370 pixels down from the top of page, this option allows for a highly targeted above-the-fold presence.    Regional ad space is available on a per click, or per view basis and may rotate among other advertisers.

Coastal Nooks and Crannies.  Strange names and strange places.  Some of the names you find on this site may be unfamiliar to you but your customers know them well.  They also know that very few websites feature these locations and even less have the information they need and use.  The places listed in this website are derived from many years of historical efforts and every one of them unique and important in commerce, history, or recreation.  Sometimes remote and obscure, these popular spots are often known only by those who explore them first hand.  On the other side of the coin, some are very well known by the general public and, like the coastal feature with which they share a name, help shape and define the surrounding community. With this option you can pick and choose a single location or dozens from among 1250 choices.  Located on the left margin, 490 pixels down from the top of page, this option allows for a low cost, highly targeted, at-the-fold presence.  Location ad space is available on a per click, or per view basis and may rotate among other advertisers.

All options above include display of up to a 120w x 120h graphic banner linked to your web site or show the world your support of your favorite cause with a 160w x 60h banner link to sponsor a public service banner link of the same size.  2 links for 1. Restrictions apply.

Special Features.  Your customers have their favorites, why not you?  Show your support for the exciting features found here.  Sponsorships and special placement of your message is available where you want it, where your customers see it, where it works.  Sponsorships and special placement options are available on a 6 month or annual basis. Custom graphic sizes available. Space is limited. Set up fees may apply.

Additional options include timed and weighted rotation of multiple graphics in the same spot. Show more than one graphic, show your best performer the most, show a certain ad on a certain day of the week and (or) at a certain time of day. 

All options include access to a password protected summary of campaign statistics when available.  Additional reporting options available via Google Analytics on a limited basis.  

Advertise on this site via Google Adwords by clicking on the link in any Google ad block.

Work is proceeding on a national expansion and coverage of the entire US coast is coming soon. Act now for special deals on these exciting opportunities. Rates available upon request.  Send me email or use the handy online contact form. 

Pay with credit card via PayPal.

Thanks for checking this out. If you need any further assistance,  or have any additional questions or requirements, please contact me.  Some figures are approximate.  Rates and terms listed on this page are subject to change without notice.

Greg Johnson


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