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Information for Florida Keys vacations, boaters, fishermen, sailors, and surfers.
Graphic tide chart and moon phase, Marine Weather Forecast and Weather Warnings, Local Weather Radar, maps, aerial photos, and more for boaters, fishermen, sailors, kayakers, surfers, travelers, and birders.
Recreational opportunities available in or around the Florida Keys include boating, flats fishing, surf fishing, billfishing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, spear fishing, canoeing, kayaking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, ecotours, and more. Boaters, fishermen, sailors, surfers, and beachcombers can all use this important information to make a day on the water or a day at the beach a pleasure to remember. Please have a good time but remember safety always comes first.

Florida Keys (East to West)

Ocean Reef Harbor Key Largo
Main Key Barnes Sound
Manatee Creek Manatee Bay Barnes Sound
Carysfort Reef
Garden Cove Key Largo
Largo Sound Key Largo
Key Largo South Sound Key Largo
Tavernier Harbor Hawk Channel
Tavernier Creek Hwy. 1 bridge Hawk Channel
Crane Keys north side Florida Bay
East Key southern end Florida Bay
Plantation Key Hawk Channel
Yacht Harbor Cowpens Anchorage Plantation Key
Snake Creek Hwy. 1 bridge Windley Key
Snake Creek USCG Station Plantation Key
Whale Harbor Windley Key Hawk Channel
Whale Harbor Channel Hwy. 1 bridge Windley Key
Upper Matecumbe Key Hawk Channel
Alligator Reef Hawk Channel
Flamingo Florida Bay
Upper Matecumbe Key west end Hawk Channel
Indian Key Hawk Channel
Shell Key Channel Florida Bay
Lignumvitae Key NE side Florida Bay
Lignumvitae Key west side Florida Bay
Little Basin Upper Matecumbe Key Florida Bay
Shell Key northwest side Lignumvitae Basin
Islamorada Upper Matecumbe Key Florida Bay
Indian Key Anchorage Lower Matecumbe Key
Matecumbe Bight Lower Matecumbe Key Fla. Bay
Matecumbe Harbor Lower Matecumbe Key Fla. Bay
Channel Two east Lower Matecumbe Key Fla. Bay
Channel Two west side Hawk Channel
Channel Five east side Hawk Channel
Channel Five west side Hawk Channel

Jewfish Hole Long Key Florida Bay
Long Key Bight Long Key
Long Key Lake Long Key
Long Key western end
Conch Key eastern end
Toms Harbor Cut
Duck Key Hawk Channel
Toms Harbor Channel Hwy. 1 bridge
Grassy Key north side Florida Bay
Grassy Key south side Hawk Channel
Fat Deer Key Florida Bay
Vaca Key-Fat Deer Key bridge
Key Colony Beach FL
Vaca Key Florida Bay FL
Boot Key Harbor bridge Boot Key
Sombrero Key Hawk Channel
Knight Key Channel Knight Key Florida Bay
Pigeon Key south side Hawk Channel
Pigeon Key north side Florida Bay
Molasses Key Channel Molasses Keys
Money Key
Little Duck Key east end Hawk Channel
East Bahia Honda Key south end Florida Bay
Cocoanut Key Florida Bay
West Bahia Honda Key
Horseshoe Keys south end
Johnson Keys south end
Johnson Keys north end
Missouri Key-Little Duck Key Channel
Missouri Key-Ohio Key Channel west side

Ohio Key-Bahia Honda Key Channel west side
Bahia Honda Key Bahia Honda Channel
Big Pine Key Spanish Harbor
Big Pine Key Doctors Arm Bogie Channel
Big Pine Key Bogie Channel Bridge
No Name Key east side Bahia Honda Channel
Little Pine Key south end
Porpoise Key Big Spanish Channel
Water Key west end Big Spanish Channel
Mayo Key Big Spanish Channel
Little Pine Key north end
Big Pine Key northeast shore
Crawl Key Big Spanish Channel
Big Pine Key north end
Annette Key north end Big Spanish Channel
Little Spanish Key Spanish Banks
Big Spanish Key
Munson Island Newfound Harbor Channel
Ramrod Key Newfound Harbor
Middle Torch Key Torch Ramrod Channel
Little Torch Key Torch Channel
Big Pine Key Newfound Harbor Channel
Big Pine Key Coupon Bight
Little Torch Key Pine Channel Bridge south side A
Little Torch Key Pine Channel Bridge south side B
Big Pine Key Pine Channel Bridge south side
Big Pine Key Pine Channel Bridge north side
Big Pine Key west side Pine Channel
Howe Key south end Harbor Channel
Big Torch Key Harbor Channel
Water Keys south end Harbor Channel
Howe Key northwest end
Summerland Key Niles Channel South
Summerland Key Niles Channel Bridge
Ramrod Key Niles Channel Bridge
Big Torch Key Niles Channel
Knockemdown Key north end
Raccoon Key east side
Content Keys Content Passage
Key Lois southeast end
Sugarloaf Key east side Tarpon Creek
Gopher Key Cudjoe Bay
Sugarloaf Key Pirates Cove
Cudjoe Key Cudjoe Bay
Summerland Key southwest side Kemp Channel
Cudjoe Key north end Kemp Channel
Sugarloaf Key northeast side Bow Channel
Cudjoe Key Pirates Cove
Sugarloaf Key north end Bow Channel
Pumpkin Key Bow Channel
Sawyer Key inside Cudjoe Channel
Sawyer Key outside Cudjoe Channel
Johnston Key southwest end Turkey Basin

Upper Sugarloaf Sound

Upper Sugarloaf Sound Perky
Upper Sugarloaf Sound Park Channel Bridge
Upper Sugarloaf Sound North Harris Channel
Upper Sugarloaf Sound Tarpon Creek

Snipe Keys southeast end Inner Narrows
Snipe Keys Middle Narrows
Snipe Keys Snipe Point
Waltz Key Waltz Key Basin
Duck Key Point Duck Key Waltz Key Basin
O'Hara Key north end Waltz Key Basin
Saddlebunch Keys Channel No. 5
Saddlebunch Keys Channel No. 4
Saddlebunch Keys Channel No. 3
Bird Key Similar Sound
Shark Key southeast end Similar Sound
Saddlebunch Keys Similar Sound
Big Coppitt Key northeast side Waltz Key Basin
Rockland Key Rockland Channel Bridge
Boca Chica Key Long Point
Channel Key west side
Boca Chica Channel Bridge
Key Haven - Stock Island Channel
Sigsbee Park Garrison Bight Channel
Key West south side Hawk Channel
Key West FL
Sand Key Lighthouse Sand Key Channel
Garden Key Dry Tortugas
Loggerhead Key Dry Tortugas FL

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