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Shipwrecks & Reefs of the Florida Panhandle

Shipwrecks, like other historical and archaeological sites, are non-renewable resources. Although ships continue to sink, there will never be another wrecked Spanish galleon. Historic shipwrecks that exist today are all we will ever have. They represent limited and unique opportunities to learn about the people who built them and lived, sailed, and wrecked on them. All shipwrecks in Florida waters are protected under the Florida Historical Resources Act. This law protects all archaeological sites on state-owned or controlled lands and submerged bottomlands from unauthorized disturbance, excavation, or removal of artifacts. The wrecks of the 1733 Plate Fleet and other shipwrecks located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary also are protected by federal law, just as natural resources are protected, so that future generations may visit, learn from, and enjoy these unique examples of our maritime heritage.

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Florida Panhandle Shipwrecks

Alice G30.43853056-87.13996667
Ancient Age30.2902-87.29830278
Anna Pepina30.31853333-87.31330556
Bride Of Lorne30.29186667-87.31163889
Cindy Brent30.61685833-84.83325000
Davys Navy29.56188333-84.95824167
Dont Cha Know29.8584-85.34851389
E.E. Simpson30.05358056-85.62157778
F/V Crawfish30.00020556-87.41663889
Gigi Iv29.67355-84.33322500
Happy Four30.05020556-87.13329722
Hendry Barge No.2029.84187778-84.15488611
Lady Susan29.63355-84.59989722
Little Tots29.70576667-84.97046389
Marie Jose30.42519722-87.16163333
Mary J Ii30.28686389-85.75493056
Miss Aline29.650775-84.07071389
Miss Tammy29.81854444-84.37156111
New Moon29.63355-84.46656111
Pan Dallas29.61188056-84.95490833
San Pablo30.18885556-87.21735000
Sandy P29.816875-84.62490000
Seaweed V29.79854444-84.33322500
Shortys Boy29.62354722-84.90157222
Spanish Fly30.03353889-87.29163611
Uncle Sam30.44908611-86.53661667
USS Massachusetts30.29661667-87.31233333
Yankee Clipper29.98353889-85.66659444

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