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"Everybody talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it."
-- Mark Twain

My name is Greg Johnson and I've lived on or near the coast of Florida and Georgia for about 99.9% of my life.  Now that's not saying that much but if you calculated that time into dog years it might take two slide rules and a pocket calculator, so lets don't go there.  

After many years of learning the hard way I found it is best to be as prepared as possible when one goes on or near the water.  To be honest, I didn't find anything, some people kept telling me about the concept, but it never sunk in, good thing nothing else sunk before I started listening.  

So now me, and at least a couple of pretty women, are glad I made it thru those learning experiences, and I now have some important people to look out for when we all go to the places I like to go.  They like being out there also, but maybe sometimes not that much.  Usually it depends on how bad the bugs are, and a few other things of which I have no control beyond a squirt of bug spray or some helpful swats and brushes.  

Remembering to tote along a some bug spray is one of those tips I picked up along the way, and now that the stuff actually works on Florida bugs, its a handy tip to keep in mind.  Now don't get me wrong, depending on the area, its sometimes best not to get too much of that stuff on you especially if you are serious about something else other than just having some fun, and for those other areas, wear light colored clothing at the least, its not my rule but there are some place you don't want those bugs to bite.

Just like you and millions of others, I use the Internet to check on things before I go just about anywhere.  I got tired of the need to sort through massive lists of locations for just one of the many pieces of information I'm looking for before I go out to some of those above mentioned places.   Don't think I'm picky because I really like some of the web sites that tried to do things like this but I just don't like waiting around when I'm ready to go and having all kinds of ads popping up and extra stuff slowing things down doesn't help either. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, instead of just complaining about all that waiting I made this web site. Now don't get me wrong, I still have a lot to complain about but at least I got this out of the way for now.  And just to let you know, one of the things I still like to complain about is how some folks will take your money for things like this and give you even less than what you can get for free.  They know who they are, you should too. 

My commitment to you is to keep access to this site totally free.  I will never ask any more of you in return than to play safe out there.  Now don't think its that easy, you should also look out for the people around you, cause sometimes, you and them are really about the only ones who can care too.  You can rest assured that the the content providers found here have the same thing in mind and they perform commendably.  And one more thing,  don't litter. 

Websites that provide information found here are listed below.

I really want to thank the advertisers I haven't scared away for helping out with that free access stuff cause it's not that cheap to run a website when a lot of people like it.  If you're not in a business and don't need customers then you can skip down to the next paragraph.  However, if you are interested in some highly motivated web traffic then check out the full range of custom options available.  I say its a full range but I should tell you that the one option that will never be available is pop-up ads, if any ad windows are popping up when you are viewing these pages, its not me.  I guess those other folks should have read this.  Hey, y'all come back up here a minute so I don't have to type this again.

Despite all that I finally lost patience waiting for the things I want, which as some of you know, is web speak for "I'm between jobs, call me".  So I wrote this program and created this website.  I put a lot into this and really do use it myself.  Many folks have expended tremendous energy in the quest to meet the needs of those who venture out on the water.  My thanks go out to all of those fine folks and bringing their efforts to you has been my own way of honoring those who have built such a strong legacy of brotherhood in marine history.  I do hope this is just the beginning of an expanding and valuable resource for folks like you and I and I really hope it helps you enjoy some quality time outdoors.   Just remember to always play safe and oh yeah, look like a pro, wear your PFD.

All the Best
Greg Johnson

Coverage for the entire US Coast and more exciting features are in the works so don't forget to keep checking back if you don't find what you need today. The more you use this site the faster these things get done.  

If there is anything you would like to see added here, like your name in lights or even a correction to my bad grammar, just let me know.  I really hope this is a useful resource and works to help folks enjoy all we have to offer here in the Sunshine State.

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 

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External Information Sources

Tide Prediction : WWW Tide/Current Predictor  using XTide : David Flater
Marine Forecasts : NOAA National Weather Service Marine Forecasts
NOAA : National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Real Time Weather and Marine Observations : National Data Buoy Center
Wind Map : Weather Research Center
Moon Data : U.S. Naval Observatory

And many thanks to these folks who helped make the magic possible.

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